50 Ways to Stay Healthy This School Year

It’s that time of year again! School is back in session. Being back on a school schedule can make a healthy lifestyle seem impossible, but that’s not the case! I promise. It is possible to have a successful school year and stay fit and healthy all year long. 

  1. Always Eat Breakfast – breakfast is so important to start your day off right, especially before hitting the books. My favorite breakfast options include whole grain cereal, whole wheat toast with peanut butter, fruit, or my Shakeology!
  2. Avoid School Lunches – packing your lunch is always the way to go. Government regulations are not forcing the school systems to serve healthy options, so your best bet is always to just pack your own lunch so you know exactly what’ll be going into your body.
  3. Join a Sport or a Club – Sports will keep you active, and clubs will keep you busy! If you find yourself mindlessly snacking when you’re bored and you’re not into team sports, join choir, the yearbook committee, or become a tutor. You can do anything that’ll keep you from sitting in your bedroom or your dorm snacking.
  4. Have “Me Time” Daily – I’m a total introvert and I take my “me time” very seriously. I wind down when I’m alone and can just relax. Your “me time” could be watching a half hour of your favorite TV show, going for a jog, reading, or writing in a journal. Whatever relaxes you! My favorite thing to do is read in a bubble bath.IMG_3640
  5. Set a Bedtime – A bedtime in high school or college? Trust me, you’ll thank me later. I try to get into bed and quit using technology by 10 PM, even on weekends. I like to start my days early, and I can’t do that if I’m up all night. It’s good to create routine.
  6. Organize EVERYTHING – I really do mean everything. Drawers, desk, closet, cabinets, binders, backpack. When my space feels tidy, my life feels tidy. It feels really awesome to gut everything and create a fresh, clean space.
  7. Avoid Fast Food – It’s really easy to fall into the convenience of fast food especially in between classes or between work and school. It’s even easier when you’re out with your friends, but keep your goals in mind! Fast food is only going to slow your progress down. Pack fresh fruit and protein to keep you going instead.
  8. Take Study Breaks – If you hit the books all day at school, and all evening after school you’ll go crazy. It’s important to take small breaks to grab a healthy snack, go for a walk, or read a book. You have to rest your brain too! 
  9. Use a Fitbit – or another device! If you have visual goals to hit daily, you’ll be more likely to walk for an extra 20 minutes, or workout when you really didn’t feel like it!
  10. Buy A Goal Outfit – Go out and buy a really cute dress, or a pair of jeans that’s two sizes too small and hang it up in your room! Seeing it daily will remind you of your goals and encourage you. 
  11. Drink Tea – Green tea and other herbal teas have so many health benefits! Try to drink one cup every single day! Just watch for teas that contain caffeine. You don’t want to drink those before bed. 
  12. Dress For Your Mindset – If you dress in baggy sweatpants everyday, you’re going to start feeling lazy and sluggish. Dress nicely for school and you’ll feel a lot better about yourself. You can even dress in your workout clothes! I love wearing my Adidas leggings and cute workout shirts. When I’m dressed to workout, I feel more motivated! 
  13. Avoid Condiments – It’s easy to start tossing ketchup, relish, and other extras on your meals without even thinking, but it’s important to keep in mind just how unhealthy those things are. The calories in these items add up really quickly! Use herbs and spices on your meals to add flavor instead. 
  14. Don’t Be Afraid to Say NO – One of my worst habits is giving into family and friends when they eat unhealthy. I will admit that I tend to go along with what everyone around me is doing. It’s important, especially in the cafeteria or common rooms, to say NO to unhealthy habits. Nobody understands our goals, your motivation, your struggles, or your reasons better than you do.
  15. Get Good Grades – When you take the time to study and complete your work on time, you’re going to take a lot of stress off of yourself in the long run. Mental health is important too.
  16. Make The Tailgate Healthy – One of the best parts of high school and college is tailgating before the football games. And the best part of a tailgate is the food, right? Instead of eating greasy wings, pizza, and chips, bring a healthy dish, or just a healthy snack for yourself to hold you over.img_2275
  17. Don’t Do It Just Because Your Friends Are – This is covering everything! Drinking, partying, eating unhealthy, being lazy, etc. Live for you and make your own decision. By doing that, you’ll attract people who are living the same healthy lifestyle as you.
  18. Get An Active Job – I’ve been working since I was 15, and I think it’s important for young adults to maintain jobs, even while they’re in school! It’s possible, I promise. Find something that keeps you active, like training at the gym, running around with kids as a nanny, or even working in retail. I got a lot of walking in when I worked retail.
  19. Take A Gym Class – I know I avoided gym like the plague in high school, and I took a bowling class to get my gym credit in college. I actually regret it. I wish I’d taken advantage of those classes to keep me active and accountable. 
  20. Reward yourself – Having a reward system is a great way to lose weight and stay healthy! You can find awesome ideas on Pinterest for reward ideas like manicures, new workout outfits, or even something big like a vacation! 
  21. Don’t Stress Eat – Stress eating is hands down my biggest downfall. It’s hard not to turn to food in times of crisis, but there are so many other options like going for a walk, shopping, spending time with a friend, or doing a fun activity to keep your hands and mind busy like coloring or reading! 
  22. Do Yoga – Yoga is a relaxing and easy workout that can be done anywhere. Try to aim to complete a yoga session at least 2-3 times a week to increase health and flexibility.IMG_7238 
  23. Choose Different Activites – Are you always on the treadmill, or the elliptical, or doing the same video everyday? That can get boring and make you dread working out. Switch up your workouts by adding swimming, bike rides, or workouts with friends to make it more exciting. 
  24. Don’t Let The Holidays Throw You Off Track – Don’t miss out on grandma’s famous Christmas cookies or the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, but keep your goals in mind by keeping these things in health-size portions! It’s part of the lifestyle.  
  25. Set Goals – If I didn’t keep my goals written down, I wouldn’t accomplish anything! Set small, realistic goals to keep yourself on track and moving forward to the next. 
  26. Get a Calendar – It’s important to keep your new healthy lifestyle, your personal life, professional life, and school organized.  
  27. Avoid Starbucks – Yes, I’m serious. I know you probably love your caffeinated, sugary, delicious morning drink that you swear is the only reason you can get through your day, but all of those calories add up! Instead of your usual, try something healthier, like the Very Berry Hibiscus. It’s my personal favorite. It’s really refreshing and low in calories! 
  28. Stay Away From Areas With Food – Common areas and study areas are usually put in places closest to the cafeteria and vending machines. Try to do your homework in your dorm, at the library, or outside away from all of the temptation!  
  29. Make Better Choices When Eating Out – Every time I go to a restaurant all I can think about is a burger and fries so I totally understand the temptation. Eating out is a huge part of going out while in school so try to go for something healthier like a sandwich with a side of fruit or a salad with the dressing on the side.IMG_9165
  30. Buy Dorm Appliances – Small appliances are an awesome thing to spend your graduation money on if you want to live a healthier lifestyle. Having a microwave or a blender can make a world of difference! 
  31. Splurge on a Mini Fridge – Having a mini fridge in your dorm will change it all! It’s the perfect spot to keep leftovers, fruit, veggies, or protein snacks! 
  32. Set Workout Clothes Out the Night Before – If your clothes, shoes, and iPod are waiting for you in the morning, rolling out of bed will be much easier. You won’t even have to think about your workout. Throw those clothes on and just do it! Plus, it’s more time you get to sleep in the morning.  
  33. Make a Dream Board – Having a physical vision of your goals and your dreams makes the hard times easier. Buy a couple cheap materials and get creative.  
  34. Take Advantage of the Gym & Track – Don’t allow gym intimidation to get in the way of your goals. I promise, if you just go one time, you’ll see that it’s not as bad as you may think! Get in that gym and work it!
  35. Don’t Keep Your New Lifestyle a Secret – It’s important to tell your family and friends about your new lifestyle and your goals. They’ll support you and that will make a world of difference.
  36. Participate in the Grocery Shopping – It can be hard to eat healthy when you live at home, but if you participate in the grocery shopping you’ll get some healthier options, and you might even get your family on board with your lifestyle change.
  37. Wash Your Face – High school and college are the time for makeup, acne, and poor skin care, but that doesn’t have to be you. Make sure you’re washing your face and applying moisturizer daily. And ALWAYS wash your makeup off before going to bed. 
  38. Nap Before Hitting the Books – After a long school day, your brain is exhausted. Give yourself a quick power nap before starting your homework or studying. If you don’t you won’t be retaining the information the way you should be. 
  39. Walk Instead of Driving – The best part of a small town and college campus is that you can walk everywhere! Take advantage of that and get some exercise in that way. It’s great for busy days! 
  40. Always Have Hand Sanitizer – Let’s be honest, schools are dirty. Disgustingly dirty. Always keep sanitizer on hand and apply throughout the day.  
  41. Always Carry Your Water Bottle – I try to never leave the house without water. It’s important to keep hydrated all day and if you have your water on you, you have no excuse to turn to sugary drinks.img_2300
  42. Avoid Alcohol – You’re going to drink. I know it and you know it, but it’s important to be smart about it and limit the alcohol. I won’t go into safety reasons because you already know, but let’s talk about the health reasons! Alcohol is full of empty calories. If you’re going to drink choose a lighter option like light beer, skinnygirl wine, or vodka.  
  43. Avoid Vending Machines – Vending machines are filled with sugary snacks. Try to keep healthier options with you like fresh fruit or low-cal snacks. Plus, you’ll save money. 
  44. Pack a Treat – You can’t give up your favorite things like chocolate! It’s important to treat yourself in moderation.
  45. Have a Designated Work Area – You’ll be able to focus better when you always have a quiet place to study and do your homework. Make a nice little nook in your bedroom or dorm with a few of your favorite things to keep you going. 
  46. Snack Between Classes – If you go all day in class without snacking, you’re bound to binge when you get home. Give yourself that extra brain power by snacking on high-protein snacks. 
  47. Meal Prep – I told you that having that mini fridge would be useful! Prep some meals that you can warm up throughout the week. 
  48. Stay Social – Get out and meet some new friends! It’s important to keep yourself busy and active.
  49. Get Up Early to Workout – I know that the last I want to do after school or work is workout. If you start your day out by being active, you’ll be able to focus on your work and other priorities.
  50. Stay Active Every Day – Physical activity can do amazing things for other aspects of your life. Make physical activity a habit daily, even if it means taking a gym class!

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