I had a lot of shopping to do for my trip to Honduras because it certainly isn’t the relaxing cruise I’m used to! It took a lot of research to come up with a good list so I thought I’d share what I bought in hopes of helping someone else out! 

After watching multiple videos, I came to a very big conclusion; NO SUITCASE! Originally I planned on packing my smallest suitcase and a backpack… but no; apparently that’s a bad idea. My leader posted a really informative video that showed how to fit everything we need into a single backpack. Note: Everything listed below was purchased at Walmart. They really do have it all! 

Ozark Trail Montpelier Backpack: ($49.97)
I thought this backpack was perfect. I wanted to go for the cute one, but I needed to go for functionality. It’s big enough to carry everything I need, but still small enough for easy transport and to work as a carry-on. It was also a really decent price for a high quality, durable backpack that will last. 


Packable Dry Sack: ($7.97)
I used the green dry sack to carry my stuff to and from the work site every day. It rolls into a 6 inch ball and it’s durable. 

Inca Trail Eva Poncho: ($6.97)
A rain poncho is highly recommended especially this time of year. It’s the rainy season in Honduras so I picked out a reusable poncho and it was definitely needed! 

Ditty Bag 3-Pack: ($4.97)
A separate bag for dirty laundry is also recommended so I purchased a 3 pack of drawstring bags. They came in handy for a lot of things! 

Hand Sanitizer with Aloe: ($1.52)
Because… better safe than sorry. 

Travel Containers: ($0.97)
Traveling with just a carry-on is a huge pain for one reason; TSA!! It really limits your options so you have to make a special trip before flying with just a carry on, especially girls! I was able to fill them with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and face wash! It’s a lot cheaper to fill them at home instead of buying brand new travel size toiletries from the store. 


Smartphone Watertight Case: ($5.97)
This was the best purchase EVER. It’s the perfect size for my iPhone, my passport, cash, and debit/credit card. It kept those things locked and dry while they were in my bag. 

OFF: ($4.97)
The insects in Honduras are known for carrying a lot of diseases (like Zika) so bug repellent was really important.

Disposable Razors: ($5.47)
Razor blades aren’t allowed in carry-on luggage so I had to settle for a cheap pack of disposable razors!

Sunscreen: ($2.47)
Unfortunately, according to the TSA, sunscreen is considered a liquid and cannot be carried in any bottle larger than 3.4 OZ so I had to buy multiple travel size bottles of sunscreen. I bought SPF 50, water-resistant sunscreen. If I do happen to run out (I have really fair skin) I’m sure I can borrow some, or find a place to purchase a bottle. 


SUBZERO Insulated Bottle: ($9.97)
The video I watched also recommended bringing your own water bottle to fill at the job site. This is a MUST. 

Toothbrush/Toothpaste Travel Kit:
Prepackaged, TSA compliant, and ready to go!


Mechanix Gloves: ($19.96)
Work gloves are also highly recommended so I picked up a pair of Mechanic gloves. They’re super comfortable and I used them daily at the job site. 

Do you have any recommendations for what to bring on a Habitat mission? 

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